Mortgage Magic will allow users to send DIPs and applications directly to every lender in the UK by Q1 2021.

According to the CRM and mortgage management platform, its system is in the final stage of development.

In addition, the platform will provide the user with the ability to use a VOIP call system.

Mortgage Magic integrates iPipeline solutions

Tanjir Sugar, chief executive of Mortgage Magic, said, “We are very excited to offer Mortgage Magic users complete access to all lenders from within our platform.

“We are currently achieving over 98% accuracy. However, until we are completely satisfied with our ability to deliver and have been able to talk to all the lenders involved, we are holding back until Q1 next year.

“Our user base in growing fast and this enhancement will make Mortgage Magic the most rounded facility for managing a mortgage business from application to completion and onward customer management.”

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