Mortgage Magic has released an updated version of its CRM system, which it launched in January.

The new version has been rolled out to existing customers and showcased to prospective customers.

The cloud-based platform offers built in case tracking, simultaneous factfind, electronic ID verification, secure GDPR compliant document storage and support in the form of a strong compliance function with 100% file checking.

Half of brokers are looking to acquire a CRM for the first time

In addition, the system can be fully integrated with Twenty7Tec’s mortgage sourcing platform.

Tanjir Sugar, co-founder of Mortgage Magic, said: “Despite COVID, the need to efficiently manage data protection, compliance and MI gathering has not gone away.

“Therefore, a broker system like Mortgage Magic that can act as the central hub for a fully compliant case processing, CRM and business management system, is no longer a luxury, but has become essential.

“Although the pandemic has held us back, it gave us an opportunity to bring forward enhancements that would probably not have been ready until 2021 in normal circumstances.

“The system provides the tools to counter the threat from robo-advice while becoming more efficient, thus enhancing the value that brokers bring to their customers.”