Customer relationship management (CRM) and mortgage management platform Mortgage Magic, which recently attained ISO 27001, has now also qualified for ISO 9001:2015.

ISO 9001 provides a practical and workable quality management system (QMS) for improving and monitoring all areas of a business.

According to chief executive Tanjir Sugar, attaining the recent ISO 27001 qualification, and now having reached the standards expected of ISO 9001, will give new and potential customers even greater confidence in the Mortgage Magic platform.

Sugar said: “As our existing customers already know, Mortgage Magic is the perfect platform for managing their businesses.

“Being awarded the ISO 27001 designation last month demonstrated that independent verification has shown our systems for data storage and security meet and surpass worldwide standards.

“However, by adding ISO 9001 businesses looking for a better CRM and mortgage management system will also now know that Mortgage Magic’s processes for reporting and communication and for bringing new features online meet the highest standards.

“In turn, it will help us deliver more and better innovation with all of our standards maintained by annual assessment.”