CRM and mortgage management platform Mortgage Magic has integrated several of iPipeline’s webservice solutions.

iPipeline’s SolutionBuilder, AlphaTrust and PreQuo, will be integrated into Mortgage Magic’s broker proposition to deliver e-signatures, protection sourcing and sales aids.

The relationship will provide users with an expanded platform that manages all client information, as well as offering integration with other service providers.

iPipeline partners with CIExpert

Tanjir Sugar, chief executive of Mortgage Magic, said: “Mortgage Magic and the technology that underpins it is mirrored by iPipeline’s commitment to technological development by providing the architecture that links insurance solutions to the intermediary end user.

“By linking our platform to iPipeline’s solutions, our users can seamlessly provide customers with insurance solutions without having to leave Mortgage Magic’s CRM system.”

Paul Yates, product strategy director at iPipeline, added: “Mortgage brokers can experience a seamless end-to-end journey with customer engagement early in the protection conversation, to then complete the protection sourcing to best meet their customer’s needs.

“Letters of recommendation are automatically generated once a policy has been selected to remove friction during the process, enabling the customer to act without delay, which we have seen to be of vital importance in a remote or smart working world.”