Mortgage Broker Tools (MBT) has partnered with Alexander Hall, to provide advisers at the firm with fully integrated criteria-driven affordability sourcing.

The agreement means that the MBT Affordability platform will be used by advisers at Alexander Hall to more easily research and identify the most suitable lenders to meet the loan size requested by their clients.

Tanya Toumadj (pictured), CEO at Mortgage Broker Tools, said: “Affordability is always an important consideration in placing a case, but never more so than in the current environment, with properties selling for record prices while lenders tweak their affordability calculators to match their fluctuating appetite for new business. Consequently, it’s not easy for brokers to stay on top of which lenders will offer the biggest loan sizes to their clients.

“MBT Affordability tackles this challenge head on, with one easy to use calculator that delivers the most up-to-date affordability results from more than 40 residential mortgage lenders and 65 buy-to-let lenders. It also provides a full audit trail, providing the technology that brokers need to support their advice process and provide the most suitable product recommendation.

“MBT Affordability was the original criteria-driven affordability calculator and so we have been able to develop a platform that is really easy to use, and we know this will make a notable difference to the everyday working lives of advisers at Alexander Hall.”

David Lawson-Shah, director at Alexander Hall, added: “We’ve carried out a lot of research at Alexander Hall and we know that clients want to deal with an adviser who has both access to great technology and the knowledge to resolve an eclectic mix of challenges.

“One of our biggest challenges as a business has been to navigate the plethora of tech providers in the mortgage advice space to identify which of these have a product that brings genuine value to the adviser and customer journey, the support of lenders and an appetite to work in partnership.

“Mortgage Broker Tools fits the bill on all of these fronts and MBT Affordability will be a useful addition to our team.”