Brokers’ main focus for their business is on acquiring new clients, according to a poll of attendees at the Mortgage Vision event, hosted by Mortgage Brain.

The event attracted over 800 registrations, of which 42% noted that their greatest priority was increasing their client base.

Looking to consumer trends, 37% believe that the increased need for help for self-employed buyers and the changes to stamp duty will have the largest impact on their own mortgage process.

Fluent Mortgages integrates with Mortgage Brain’s Lendex

More than half of the delegates outlined that an aggregated affordability platform, which uses data from lender calculators, would have the biggest difference on their business in terms of technological innovation.

The virtual Mortgage Vision event was open to all advisers and free to attend.

Registration is still open to enter the virtual environment and watch the presentations on-demand, which will remain available until February 2021.

Neil Wyatt, sales and marketing director at Mortgage Brain, said: “The appetite among advisers to continue to develop their skills and build even more successful businesses is undiminished, despite the difficulties of 2020.

“It is hugely encouraging that they are already looking to the future, both in terms of how to bring in new clients and also what issues are likely to be the priorities for those new clients.

“We had a fantastic response to this first virtual version of the Mortgage Vision event from attendees on the day itself, and the fact that so many advisers are returning to the virtual environment to catch up on presentations they would like to revisit demonstrates the on-going value these events provide to advisers.”