Monmouthshire Building Society has taken its first steps in rolling out Blue Prism’s turnkey cloud platform, for a change programme that could see as many as 170 processes improved through intelligent automation.

The society has launched a transformation strategy to achieve greater operational efficiency and drive competitive advantage which includes fully automating the end-to-end mortgage borrowing process and use of broker and solicitor portals.

Dawn Gunter, chief operating officer at Monmouthshire Building Society, said: “Our use of digital workers means we’re able to expand the mix of products we can offer to our changing member base via our broker network, allowing us to grow a lot faster.

Longevity has become an attribute which can fly under the radar

“Our people clearly see the potential this has for serving our stakeholders better than ever. In fact, we are seeing healthy competition among business teams to get their processes to the top of the stack.”

Brian Mort, general manager of EMEA at Blue Prism, added: “Monmouthshire Building Society had the long-term vision to digitalise all of its operations and adopt a cloud-first technology strategy.

“It’s now leading the way within the sector with a clear view of how to harness the power of a digital workforce and continue providing the high level of service customers and brokers expect.”

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