MoneySuperMarket has partnered with digital insurance distributor ATEC to offer non-standard home insurance quotes.

The partnership with ATEC – the holding company of B2B non-standard insurance platform Ceta Insurance – will enable MoneySuperMarket to launch a digital, non-standard home insurance quote and buy solution, direct to consumers.

Brendan Devine, chief executive of ATEC Group, said: “Despite around nine million homes in the UK being classed as ‘non-standard’ the area of non-standard insurance is still hugely underserved.

“Our Infinity Platform offers brokers and distribution partners a quick and easy way to compare non-standard quotes for their clients, but, given the growing demand for non-standard home insurance, it was clear there was a demand in the D2C space too.

“In response, we have been working closely with MoneySuperMarket and our panel of specialist insurers to create a unique offering in the aggregator space.

Mark Felix, insurance expert from Money Supermarket, added: “Customer needs are becoming more individual, so insurance has to change too. From Airbnb to home offices, from converted barns to narrowboats – more and more of our homes are non-standard.

“But homeowners don’t have time to look through the small print of non-standard policies – they want fast, reliable insurance. This partnership with ATEC enables us to offer customers a panel of insurers that are able to quote on up to 40 non-standard risk types giving consumers a wider choice of options at competitive prices.”