Moneyhub has launched a data and intelligence API designed to aid landlords in filing their RC Self-Assessment: UK property (SA105) form.

The API will enable landlords to raise transactions on the platform that relate to their property or other projects and fill out income and expenditure details.

Additional features include ‘Projects’, allowing users to track and monitor all transactional activity and assets related to specific projects, and ‘Transaction Attachment’, which enables users to upload, store and access attachments linked to transactions, such as photos, receipts, and warranties.

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Dan Scholey, chief operating officer at Moneyhub, said: “Moneyhub is not just about aggregating and enhancing financial data, we help our clients to go to market faster with innovative features they do not have to develop themselves.

“With this latest API, innovators have the power to truly revolutionise their clients’ experience when it comes to completing tax returns.

“Open Banking and Open Finance have the power to simplify financial management across the board and we are constantly innovating to do just that.”