With nearly a decade and a half of experience in the housing industry at the national level as a communications and marketing professional in Washington, DC, Michele Anapol already possessed the skills and knowledge needed to be successful in the home financing space.

Now a South Florida-based loan officer at Paramount Residential Mortgage Group, Anapol’s prior experience in the nation’s capital proved to be a valuable testing ground for her high-level skills.

“My professional background is in communications and marketing,” Anapol said. “My positions included leading affordable housing communications and media campaigns. I also wrote about legislation on Capitol Hill on behalf of the multi-family housing industry. This has helped me significantly as a mortgage loan originator. You can’t be truly successful in this business without being an effective communicator on all levels.”

“Your personal knowledge base, work ethic, interpersonal skills and marketing strategies determine your professional success as a mortgage loan originator. You are your own small business. That’s what appeals to me and I haven’t been disappointed.”

Aside from improving her work-life balance, Anapol said the shift to managing her own brokerage proved to be its own reward.

“Becoming my own boss in the mortgage and real estate industry was a goal of mine for many years,” Anapol said. “But the best part has been working with my clients to help them reach their goals. Many of them are first-time home buyers and it’s tremendously rewarding to be with them every step of the way.”

Anapol recounted a strategic planning session at a previous employer, which she said helped her improve her understanding of what she brings to the table as a mortgage professional.

“There was an exercise called the ‘green tail’ – they take turns going around the room and everyone tells you what your biggest strength is professionally,” Anapol said. “My green tail was building and maintaining client relationships as an accounts lead.”

Anapol stressed that effective communication is at the core of a mortgage professional’s duty.

“I bring that strength to my position as a mortgage loan originator. My clients and realtor partners know I’m going to be there when they need me,” Anapol said. “For example, it’s not difficult to figure out who the top real estate agents are in South Florida. When I reach out to the most successful agents, they all have one thing in common – they literally always answer their phone. And, if they’re on the other line, I get a text back right away that says, ‘Can I call you back?’ It’s basic client services. That’s why I tell new clients and realtors they can call me anytime. Their questions and concerns don’t just come to them between 9 and 5 o’clock.”

This level of attention and care carries into Anapol’s style of what she called being a “details nerd.”

“You can’t phone it in when you’re a mortgage loan originator,” Anapol said. “Of course, you learn something new every day in this business. And regulations and requirements are changing all the time. But you either commit to learning every aspect of this business or you won’t ever develop your clients’ trust.”