Jose D. Lopez

Loan Specialist

Phone: (201) 417-4310


NMLS # 1866569

Jose D. Lopez Benavides started his career as a contractor renovating homes and enjoyed working with clients in making their home renovation visions a reality. Having experience in the housing industry and the joys of owning a home inspired him to pursue a career as a loan officer. Staying somewhat in the field and helping people realize their dreams of home ownership was something very gratifying to him. He is excellent with numbers and making each loan work to accommodate the special needs of each individual, seeing thru any customer problems to a resolution. He is there to walk his clients thru each step of the loan process from start to finish and always available at any time for all questions or concerns that may arise. He is also bi-lingual, fluent in Spanish for families or individuals who feel more at ease dealing with someone they can speak with in their native language. Jose prides himself on excellent customer service and takes extra care to make sure he connects with each one of his clients. He is a dedicated father and husband and is also a registered foster parent in the State of New Jersey.