Mortgage Broker Tools (MBT) and SimplyBiz Mortgages have partnered to provide the mortgage club’s members with access to the MBT Affordability platform.

SimplyBiz Mortgages members have access to the eligibility calculator, which provides results on affordability and criteria for more than 40 residential and 65 buy-to-let (BTL) mortgage lenders.

Calculations are accessed through one form and results are delivered in under a minute, with accurate affordability results every time, according to MBT.

For a limited period, those registering for access to MBT Affordability will also have free additional access to MBT Criteria Search.

Richard Merrett, head of strategic development at SimplyBiz Mortgages, said: “With the limited housing stock available in the market, being able to give customers as much choice as possible in their home purchase is a key factor in a mortgage adviser’s ability to provide solutions, and this often starts with maximising affordability potential.

“It has become quite clear over the past 12 months that it is not always the most obvious – or familiar – lender which can deliver the best customer outcome.

“Through our own testing, and feedback from lenders and members, we know that Mortgage Broker Tools provides a solution that has been crucial in both narrowing the research funnel and providing alternative lender solutions to deliver good customer outcomes.”

Tanya Toumadj, chief executive at MBT, added: “Affordability is a crucial part of the research process and more brokers are realising the importance of harnessing technology to make that process quicker, easier and more comprehensive.

“MBT Affordability is the most extensive and reliable affordability research platform available in the market and we are delighted to be able to make it more accessible to even more brokers through this partnership with SimplyBiz Mortgages.”