Over 3,000 new brokers now have access to MBT Affordability through their mortgage clubs and networks, following the successful launch of a number of partnerships with Mortgage Broker Tools.

Members of New Leaf, Paradigm Mortgage Services, Tenet and Sense all now have access to MBT Affordability, which provides brokers with one easy to use eligibility calculator based on affordability and criteria for more than 40 residential and 65 buy-to-let mortgage lenders.

Tanya Toumadj (pictured), CEO at Mortgage Broker Tools, said: “These new partnerships will make it even easier for brokers to access the most extensive and reliable affordability research available in the market.

“It’s clear that affordability is just as important as criteria and rate sourcing for brokers in finding the most suitable lender for their clients, and the extraordinary growth of MBT Affordability over the last year shows just how many intermediaries are turning to market leading technology to make it quicker and easier to make better recommendations.”

As well as these new partnerships, Mortgage Broker Tools has also announced that MBT Affordability has surpassed 10 million searches to date, carrying out research on mortgage cases worth over £80bn.