Worry+Peace, the reviews-led marketplace for insurance, has appointed senior insurance figures Mark Cliff and Andy Hawkes to its Advisory Board.

Cliff, who was recently appointed chairman of Avid Insurance, has a range of non-executive leadership roles across the sector.

Hawkes, who founded Evolution Underwriting Group, has been CEO of Cardinus Risk Management for nearly 13 years and is a Partner of THB Group.

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They join former XL Caitlin senior executive Paul Jardine on the Worry+Peace advisory board.

The insuretch’s proposition uses a custom-built feedback platform to give providers ​insight into their customers’ views and experiences of dealing with their business.

The advisory board will focus on helping Worry+Peace identify industry needs and exploit opportunities, as well as being advocates for the platform and the solutions it can provide.

Cliff said: “Worry+Peace is building a truly unique platform that I believe has the ambition, potential and strategy to help our sector in a genuinely exciting way.

“I look forward to adding value through the insight I bring from my previous and ongoing experience in the sector.”

Hawkes said: “I’ve been aware of Worry+Peace for a while, and I have every confidence there is a potent edge to the concept – it will be good for buyers and providers in this sector to have a platform like this.

“I am delighted to play my part.”

James York, founder of Worry+Peace, said: “We’re under no illusion about the ambition and magnitude of the task.

“But having focused our efforts on onboarding providers to the tools already built, we believe we’ve found a way to scale the proposition without adding even more unnecessary marketing spend.

“I’m delighted that such fantastic advisors, like Mark and Andy, can look at the early progress we’ve made, and visualise the endgame, which is to help both buyers and providers get more value.”