LiveMore Capital has signed up for LMS Panel Link service.

As part of the agreement LMS will deliver a fully vetted, secure panel to LiveMore Capital.

The service also provides a range of components to further secure the monetary chain and provide operational efficiencies in the house buying process.

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In addition, the lender’s customers will be able to use LMS’ free bank account check service to verify the bank details of their law firm before transferring funds.

Nick Chadbourne, chief executive of LMS, said: “Lenders have proved a resilient cornerstone of the UK mortgage industry throughout 2020, keeping transactions flowing and delivering for their customers.

“Conveyancing is a crucial piece in the puzzle, so we’re delighted to have extended our partnership with LiveMore Capital so that every customer can benefit from Panel Link.

“Collaboration has never been more important than in 2020 and this is in synergy with our commitment to a simpler conveyancing process.”

Leon Diamond, chief executive of LiveMore Capital, added: “Having started our relationship with LMS for our remortgage product, we were pleased to be able to rapidly launch our purchase mortgage by engaging with LMS for its Panel Link service, which means we can benefit from a more streamlined and efficient conveyancing experience whilst ensuring customer confidence over the security of the process.”