FHA has various types of real estate mortgage loan programs available. Note, these FHA programs have slightly different benefits to fit the financing needs of each home loan borrower. 

How to Find the Right FHA Program for You

There are 2 ways you can find the best FHA loan program for you:

1. You may research available FHA loan programs according to your general needs.

Here are some info:

2. Or, you may browse individual types of FHA programs to see which one you’ll most qualify for:

  • HUD Homes – There are properties for Sale and Financed by FHA.
  • Officer Next Door – This features 50% Discounted properties and financing for police officers.
  • Teacher Next Door – This offers 50% discounted properties and financing for teachers.
  • CHDAP – 100% financing using second mortgage.
  • Nehemiah – 100% financing with assistance of home seller.
  • HART – With up to $15,000 gift funds.
  • Neighborhood Gold – Has up to $15,000 gift funds with assistance from the home seller.
  • Access 2000 – 100% financing with the use of second mortgage.
  • 203K – FHA major home improvement rehab loan.

No matter what type of FHA program you avail, ultimately it will help you find the right financing option for your dream home.

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