Criteria search system Knowledge Bank has created and is recruiting for several roles, to aid its expansion efforts.

Knowledge Bank reported that take-up of its system by mortgage brokers has increased significantly since the start of the pandemic, leading to the need for a new broker support role, a digital executive to report into Chief Technical Officer Craig Flannigan, who created the system, and a new head of media sales.

Paul Hunt, who has looked after media sales for Knowledge Bank for the past two years, will now focus specifically on marketing.

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The head of media sales will now expand Knowledge Bank’s range of educational webinars, in addition to widening opportunities for the company as a whole.

Nicola Firth (pictured), CEO of Knowledge Bank, said: “The need for a comprehensive criteria search system has come into its own in the past two years, but particularly since the outbreak of COVID-19.

“There were weeks during lockdown where there were in excess of a thousand criteria changes in a single week and we are still seeing several hundred changes per week now.

“It was simply impossible for mortgage brokers to keep on top of the vast swathe of changes that were happening without the use of Knowledge Bank.

“As a result of this substantial increase in brokers using the search system, we are appointing a broker support co-ordinator.

“Part of their job will be to gather brokers’ feedback on how Knowledge Bank is working for them which will then feed into future development to ensure that we remain the leading criteria search system in the UK.

“We already have a rapid pace of development, but the new digital executive will then help to ensure that we continue to be responsive with developments implemented as quickly as possible.

“Our new head of media sales will expand on our highly popular, educational webinar programme and will help to expand Knowledge Bank still further.

“These new appointments will ensure that Knowledge Bank stays at the forefront of criteria search and continues to be the most comprehensive, effective and responsive criteria search system in the mortgage market.”