‘Maximum loan amount’ was the most searched for term by brokers in August 2020, according to Knowledge Bank’s Criteria Activity Tracker.

This data is assessed based on the top five searches made by brokers on behalf of their clients, and falls under seven categories in terms of product type.

Looking to the residential category, the top search was listed as ‘maximum age at end of term’.

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Another of Knowledge Bank’s seven categories, buy-to-let, saw ‘first-time landlord’ takes the number one spot.

Meanwhile, the second charge category noted ‘maximum LTV’ as the most searched for term, and ‘non borrowing occupiers’ was listed as the top search for the equity release category.

Unexpectedly, the self-build category and the bridging category recorded ‘maximum LTC’ and ‘regulated bridging’ as the top searches respectively.

Furthermore, the commercial category noted ‘semi-commercial properties’ as its top search.

Matthew Corker, lender relationship manager at Knowledge Bank, said: “The overarching theme here is that people are needing to borrow more money at the very point that lenders are tightening criteria.

“The equity release market saw the highest levels of disruption in September, which is due to changing consumer habits as a direct result of Covid-19. The shortage of high LTV mortgages offered by lenders could well be leading to parents or relatives releasing equity to help younger family members get onto the ladder.

“As we look forward, with furlough coming to an end, we may see more searches for people that have defaults, like we are seeing in the second charge market now.

“We may also see more people buying property with elderly relatives to avoid putting them in care homes, and generations joining forces in order to get younger relatives onto the property ladder. Perhaps intergenerational living could soon become the new normal.”