Criteria search system Knowledge Bank has partnered with Precise Mortgages and Kent Reliance to launch a free monthly webinar series.

The first session takes place on Friday 25 September, and focuses on how brokers can interpret clients’ bank statements, exploring the different codes and reading between the lines.

Presented by Nicola Firth, founder of Knowledge Bank, the webinar will also feature Roger Morris, group distribution director at Kent Reliance for Intermediaries and Liza Campion, head of key accounts at Precise Mortgages.

Knowledge Bank makes criteria clinics a permanent fixture

The sessions will be interactive and brokers can ask questions either prior or during the webinar; some will be invited to appear live.

Firth said: “With the mortgage market and lending criteria changing on a daily basis it has never been more crucial to keep up with trends and learn from others in the sector.

“With Roger and Liza we have over 65 years of experience in the industry.

“The aim of A Question of Knowledge is to share our knowledge of the sector and explore topics that are often overlooked, but are crucial to brokers.

“This first topic will give insight into how to interpret a bank statement and in the future we will cover topics including conveyancing, taxation, fraud and we will also look at topical developments in the industry.”

Morris said: “We’re proud to partner with others in the sector who have different takes and insights that we can all learn from.

“The sessions will be a great way for new and experienced brokers to pick up new knowledge and ask questions they’ve always wanted to ask.”

Campion added: “From collaborating with others we gain so much more insight into a sector that is always evolving and requires constant education.

“It’s great to share what we’ve picked up over the years and also learn from others.”