Just Mortgages has trained 13 self-employed advisers who are qualified and licensed to offer expert advice on equity release products.

The new proposition follows a successful trial, and Just Mortgages will offer an academy for self-employed brokers that want to advise on equity release.

All of the Just Mortgages area directors have been through the training programme, so they can advise self-employed brokers that are considering taking the course.

The programme takes six to eight weeks and gives the broker everything they need to acquire an equity release certification.

Ashley Edwards, regional director at Just Mortgages, said: “Equity release is a growing mar-ket and, by qualifying to advise, Just Mortgages’ brokers can offer holistic later life lending.

“Some brokers just specialise in equity release, however, Just Mortgages’ brokers can advise on all areas of later life borrowing.

“Equity release is not always the right option, by qualifying, brokers have the option to ad-vise in this area when it is the right decision.

“Whether it is passing down a deposit to younger family members, or travelling the world in retirement, equity release can be a great option to access funds.”