Harris admits that things were touch and go at the beginning of lockdown, although as everyone in the industry now knows, he needn’t have worried unduly, as it all came good within a short space of time.

“I didn’t push too hard on recruiting and focused instead on strategic planning at that point, putting together something that was going to help us weather the storm before we came out the other side. We saw our highest numbers in the summer of 2020, and 2021 was absolutely amazing as well,” he said.

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Today, the housing market is much changed from those heady days, and thanks to high rates (roughly 7% on 30-year fixes) and 7.7% inflation, which has caused mortgage demand to plummet, many mortgage companies have gone to the wall. But Harris questions the extent of the downturn.

“The reason why so many mortgage companies are closing their doors today is because they are hedging against what we’re dealing with. Rather than do that, (it’s better) to understand the fact that 90% of business in our market, especially in a purchase market, is relationship driven,” he said.