HSBC is re-introducing mortgage products at 90% LTV for property purchases.

The products will be available on 2 and 5-year fixed rate purchase and remortgage deals up to a 35-year term.

A customer will be able to borrow up to £400,000 and the offerings will be accessible directly from HSBC UK as well as broker partners.

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Furthermore, the deals will be made available from 12 January.

Michelle Andrews, head of buying a home at HSBC, said: “I am pleased and proud to announce that we will be re-introducing mortgages at up to 90% LTV.

“These mortgages build on our significant support for brokers and mortgage customers throughout 2020 and will be available across the board – for home purchases, first time buyers and to those remortgaging – all up to a maximum of 35 years.

“The new lockdown will undoubtedly present challenges, but the experience of overcoming numerous difficulties during the original lockdown, for example making more use of automated valuations, will be invaluable.

“We are all seeking a return to normal, although for many it will feel like we may not see that for a while.

“With us returning to the higher LTV space, hopefully that is a little bit of welcome normality.”