In addition, 75% of workers say they often try to exceed expectations at work while 14% are unsure and 10% disagree, finds the survey of 3,000 respondents in October.

Benefits of boosting salary

So, what would make workers put in more effort? More pay, say 41% of respondents, according to Lifeworks.

Other factors include more meaningful work (12%), more flexibility (10%), more recognition (7%) and more respect.

However, 24% report that nothing would encourage them to put in more effort at work as they already work hard, according to the report.

Those who say that nothing can make them put more effort in have a mental health score of 72.3 out of 100 for the month of October, far above the 64.9 national average, according to the report. Those seeking more pay (62.9), more flexibility (62.8), more recognition (62.8), more meaningful work (61.9) and more respect (60.0) all have mental health scores below the national average.