How to Maintain a Green Lawn in Summer? Yes, we all want to keep our lawns lush, healthy, and green, especially during the summertime. However, keep in mind that it takes some preparation and work from your end. Your lawn will surely turn brown in Summer unless you do something about it.

How to Keep Lawn Green in Summer

If you want to know how you can keep your lawn green and healthy in the summer heat, we have some tips below for you:

Water Right

Did you know that many people overwater their lawn? This can easily lead to ugly and unsightly yellow grass. Note that in most locations, grass just needs an inch of water each week to be green and healthy, and this also includes any rainfall.

However, most homeowners in the US water lightly every day or almost every day. This will encourage the roots to stay closer to the soil, and this, in turn, makes your lawn more susceptible to drought and heat. Perform the foot test to make sure that your grass is getting sufficient water.

All you have to do is walk across the lawn and then look down behind you. Note that if the blades of grass do not pop back up after you step on them, you should water your lawn. On the other hand, if the blades spring back into place, your grass is well watered. Also, remember that the best time to water your lawn is in the evening.


Your lawn needs a food source to maintain healthy levels of growth during the summer months. Apply a slow-release fertilizer that gives the plant an excellent nutrient source while protecting against any product burn from the excess summer heat.

Most experts recommend that you feed your lawn every 6 to 8 weeks to get the best results.

Choose the Right Type of Grass

Did you know that there are several different types of grass? Note that some grasses, also called cool-season grasses, usually do much better in cooler, northern latitudes. On the other hand, hot-season grasses perform better in the warm south.

The vital thing that you should note here is that you have to choose a grass that is appropriate for your climate. Therefore, if you choose the “wrong” kind of grass, it will likely be more challenging to keep your lawn healthy and green throughout the year.

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More Tips on How to Maintain a Green Lawn in Summer

Mow at the Right Height

During summer, you should increase the cutting height of your lawnmower in order to keep your lawn looking at its best. Wondering why? The grass will not dry out as fast, while the long blades will better protect the roots.

You should mow your lawn every 2 to 3 weeks in summer. This will keep it looking neat and tidy, though the need may vary if there has been plenty of rain.

Repair Spots Caused by Insects and Pet Waste

You may know that insects like chafer grubs are one of the most common causes of bald patches on most lawns during the summer. In addition, when Fido does his business on the lawn, he is over-fertilizing that specific spot, and you have to take care of it. Some lawn care companies in the US sell lawn repair kits to help you re-grow these brown spots in just four days.