Peter Joseph is chief executive at The Moving Hub

As we continue to adapt our daily lives in response to COVID-19, the property industry adapts too. Following the announcement of the stamp duty holiday earlier this year, homebuyers were propelled to make the most of the welcome tax change.

New energy swept the market, and soon estate agents and financial advisors found themselves adjusting to the sudden increase in demand. Industry professionals are now working tirelessly to satisfy their clients’ needs during this unprecedented time. This has opened the industry up to online conveyancing services that help businesses realise the value of every potential customer.

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The on-going challenges facing the property industry show no signs of slowing down. However, estate agents across the country remain open and positive. Lenders are still lending, and it is still possible to complete property transactions. For this reason, online conveyancing solutions have become essential to progression during this uncertain time.

The days where clients could easily visit their conveyancer may now be behind us. Subsequently, industry professionals are no longer defaulting to a local conveyancer to assist their clients. Instead, they are looking for a better balance between the level of service they receive and the technology they employ to assist their business.

Accepting technology as a viable solution to progressing your business is key in the current climate. Now more than ever, it is essential to realise the value of every potential customer.

Choosing the correct partners to support your business will help you manage this uncertain climate. Ensuring you work with a tried and tested conveyancer, that uses a streamlined, online technological solution, can make all the difference in a busy, and growing market.

In 2019, it was reported that the average number of viewings it takes to sell a property had risen to 19. That creates 19 opportunities to carry out a conveyancing quote. Those buyers are actively engaging with conveyancing quotes and will likely go on to purchase a property. Therefore, it is essential to maximise your data and return on potential clients.

At The Moving Hub, we develop our own technology. Working closely with estate agents and financial advisors, we utilise our bespoke customer relationship management system in combination with highly trained staff to support you and your clients. Together we combine great technology with great service and great conveyancers to give you the complete solution to drive the industry forward.