Twenty-four% even say that they have regretted becoming one. And while 47% still see themselves still as a manager in three years, 20% do not and 33% are unsure.

“Middle managers are the group of leaders that spend the most time with employees… a group of people which we must now start to focus even more on,” said Susan Tohyama, CHRO at Ceridian.

Burnout reigns

On top of that, 89% of middle managers experienced burnout in the last year — compared to 87% for all workers. Also, 34% don’t feel fulfilled in their jobs and 74% are either actively looking for a new job or open to new opportunities, finds the survey of over 8,800 workers.

The middle manager experience has been a terrible one, and they have been “squeezed from all sides,” said Tohyama. But for some other leaders, things are even more dire, found another survey.

In some organizations, balancing changing employee expectations with C-suite demands has led to a culture of overwork. Despite this, 2022 was a year of transformation. People leaders are now closely entwined with almost all facets of an organization – something which was continually highlighted in a recent Global 100 report.