He offered a quick example of a common misperception. “So many people think you need 20% down! That’s basically what I do. I really try to advocate them, try to make sure they understand the impact of what that does to that family, their kids, and generations to come. It’s not just a commission check or transaction. It’s about the impact you’re having on that family.”

During the far-flung conversation with MPA, Munar described how his firm is adapting to a climate marked by rising rates as the Fed attempts to slay the inflation dragon in a world where the refi boom has passed and the purchase market is soft.

“In my organization as the rates continue to go up, first it was to double down on everything that we were doing then we tripled down on everything we are doing. As of last week, I said: Team, we need to quadruple down. That means customer services, that means videos, that means reaching out, that means phone calls, text messages, emails – everything. You have to quadruple down. That’s what we’ve been doing, quadrupling down.”

It’s time to take advantage of the slowdown, he suggested: “Everyone’s a little slow right now,” he said. “You’ve got time to pick up the phone and just say hey do you need anything? Do you have any questions? Real estate agents the same way – you call them and say, hey, I just wanted to give you this update, anything you need. 

“And my favorite one of course, is I make sure there’s always a call to action at the end of every conversation which is: By the way, if you know anyone who’s looking to buy or refinance…. Because when you’re planting that seed you end up getting referrals somewhere out of it. I think so many people miss the mark in asking for that referral.”