Haysto, a new online mortgage platform that specialises in bad credit, self-employed and complex mortgages, has partnered with Finance Advice Group, a specialist mortgage network with over 100 specialist brokers.

Their joint mission is to make mortgages possible for more people who have the odds stacked against them.

Paul Coss, co-founder of Haysto, said: “More and more people are ditching the 9-5 and going self-employed or have less ‘regular’ income than ever before. That was already a trend, but it’s been accelerated by COVID-19.

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“Also thanks to Covid, more people have struggled with credit issues and don’t fit the traditional mortgage applicant mould.

“There’s a growing need for specialist advice and access to specialist lenders.

“That’s why we started Haysto  – to empower more people to realise their dream of homeownership, regardless of their situation.”

Matt Cassar from the Finance Advice Group added: “We’re delighted with our new partnership with Haysto.

“We share values for imparting personal, professional and expert advice to those who need it most.

“This partnership is about helping more people who feel locked out of the mortgage market, removing confusion and misconceptions.

“Haysto’s platform is innovative – empowering customers and giving them new visibility into the specialist mortgage market that a growing number of people need access to.”