The Hanley Economic Building Society has reported a 35% increase in self-build advances over an 18-month period running from the beginning of January 2019 to the end of June 2020.

The Hanley attributed some of the growth to the extension of its self-build and residential product range into Scotland in.

The Society’s ‘build for second home’ product – aimed at self-builders looking to construct a second residential home – and the lenders ‘part-complete’ self-build product – aimed at borrowing for projects which are already underway – have also proved key to this ongoing success. Both of these products were launched in December 2019.

The Nottingham resumes self-build lending

The Society has also updated its self-build guide to ensure intermediary partners and their clients are better educated and informed on the self-build market during the current economic climate.

Sue Pedley, business development manager at Hanley Economic Building Society, said: “This gradual uplift in self-build business has been generated over a lengthy period, meaning these figures are certainly no flash in the pan.

“It’s clear that existing homeowners are looking to take greater control over their ever-changing property needs, FTB’s are also less phased by the self-build process and modern methods of construction continue to push homebuilding boundaries. Factors which suggest that the appeal of self-build is only likely to rise.

“As a lender who is passionate and committed to self-build, we’re proactively engaging with an increasing number of intermediaries to highlight the types of self-build options on offer and break down the processes to demonstrate that this area of lending is not as intimidating as many people think.

“With that in mind, I urge intermediaries to speak to lenders about the support they can offer which will enable more of their clients to achieve their self-build dreams.”