Habito has unveiled a full rebrand including a new logo, website and user experience, which has been designed by Uncommon Creative Studio.

Uncommon Creative Studio worked in collaboration with highly acclaimed New York-based visual artist Saiman Chow to create bespoke graphics, textures and movement inspired by a ‘phantasmagoric’ aesthetic.

The phantasmagoric visual style is applied through a technique of shifting images and colourful patterns that are continually moving and changing to create a dream-like effect.

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Alongside the website relaunch, Uncommon have created a visual toolkit, which includes assets that make up Habito’s new brand world such as the signature flying key, the logotype, the winged letters and coloured textures.

Abba Newbery, chief marketing officer at Habito, said “We loved this aesthetic the moment we saw it.

“The imagery and user experience at times feel like something from a dream which to me is the perfect antidote to the hell, stress and confusion mortgages can cause.

“Our advertising deliberately and dramatically reflects a lot of that hell.

“We want people to feel like they’ve stepped away from that when they come to Habito.

“Our products and services have been described as out of this world. And this definitely feels other-worldly, yet designed with anyone who wants to own a home in mind.”

Nils Leonard, co-founder of Uncommon Studio, added: “The founder Daniel created Habito to save people from the hell of getting a mortgage.

“So when we were creating the Habito experience we wanted to create the most badass version of heaven.

“Less the trumpets and angels, a more distinctive, euphoric experience.

“We built a new icon, the flying ‘H’ from the existing brand assets to make the app icon more memorable and distinctive, and evolved the winged keys and the brand aesthetic to be more beautiful, moving and modern.”

Artist and illustrator Saiman Chow, said: “It’s not often you come across a brand, let alone a financial services company, that wants to put so much thought and detail into creating something truly unique and ground-breaking.”