He explained that Bridge Loan’s reputation as a leading software management firm was mostly due to the practical aspects of the product rather than for having a high-tech edge over rival software. 

He said: “I think what really sets us apart is the user-friendly aspect of our software. Other software might take a little longer to adapt to or might not even be a fit for certain companies, but I like to say that anybody that’s been in the mortgage industry can learn to use ours effectively.”

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Therrien stressed that Bridge Loan’s software was primarily an organizational tool for brokers, which also saved time. He said: “If brokers have a lender that they’re going to work with, they can store documents, order credit and background (checks) on their clients – all on one platform.

“Brokers are going to tell you that there’s a lot that goes into a deal, whether it be paperwork or different contact information, so what we’re giving them is a centralized and safe location to house all that information; you have it all at your fingertips. You don’t need to go searching through email chains or anything like that, it’s all right there on that same loan.”