Following a successful trial period with Andrews Property Group, Goodlord has launched its integration with mydeposits for all customers.

The integration allows letting agents to register deposits with mydeposits Custodial and mydeposits Insured directly through Goodlord’s lettings platform.

It has been made available to all Goodlord customers after the success of its trial period with Andrews.

The integration allows letting agents to register deposits as soon as they are received, without the need to manually enter any data.

Once the deposit has been registered, the prescribed information is served to tenants automatically, keeping letting agents compliant
with deposit protection legislation.

Goodlord intends to integrate with additional deposit protection schemes in the near future so that their customers can benefit from a range of options to drive efficiencies and reduce the risk of manual error.

Kate Mutter‑Bowen, head of tenancy deposit protection at mydeposits, said: “We’re thrilled to have integrated with the Goodlord platform to make it easier for all of our customers to protect their tenants’ deposits with the mydeposits Custodial and mydeposits Insured schemes straight away, ensuring they’re compliant with deposit protection scheme legislation right from the outset of the tenancy with minimal hassle.”

Aaron Messenger, compliance officer and customer support at Andrews Property Group, added: “We use Goodlord’s integration with mydeposits and it’s a life saver.

“We’re saving seven minutes on average for each deposit registered – more if there are multiple tenants!

“Not to mention the compliance hassle that’s off our plate and the comfort we can take in Goodlord’s automated deposit process – we’re working far more efficiently than ever before.”