Goodlord has added Reapit, a property management software provider, to its list of integrations.

The integration will be available for agents to view in a webinar on 10 September, which is being co-hosted by Reapit chief operating officer, Paul Starkey.

According to Goodlord, the integration will allow customers of both businesses to create tenancies in Goodlord using the information they already have about properties, landlords, and tenants in Reapit.

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Customers will then be able to sync this information back to Reapit when they have completed the pre-tenancy process, eliminating the need for agents to manually duplicate data, saving time, and reducing the risk of error.

Donovan Frew, chief technology officer of Goodlord, said: “This integration with Reapit is one that many of our current customers have been asking for and will allow them to move seamlessly between Goodlord and Reapit, so they can start saving even more time and further reduce the risk of error.”

Starkey commented: “Agencies can utilise this integration to further customise their CRM software with a plug and play installation that enables an instant and effortless customisation of their core CRM software to the changing requirements of their business.”