Having worked as a mortgage broker on and off for some 20 years, Maddux realized he was attracted to loans that were “a little more complicated,” but he had enough industry experience to know what he was looking for in a lender and was convinced there was “something missing.”

He said: “Most of the time, lenders think of your loan as just another loan on their conveyor belt. There was a need for a lender who cared more about these types of loans and would provide that extra level of service. So, when we launched, we focused on these more complicated jumbo loans.”

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Maddux said he felt entrepreneurs and business owners required more of a “hands-on approach,” because they did not fit the profile of a typical borrower.

“There needed to be someone that would say, ‘yes, this is a decent risk, but this is a good credit risk, this is not what it appears to be based on what I’m seeing in this automation’,” he said.