Four in 10 tenancies are not properly dealt with by agents and landlords according to Paul Richardson, director of deposit recovery claims at Tenants Voice.

Over the past year, with recent lockdowns across the country, the government has urged landlords who wish to sell their properties to stave off evictions, or the serving of Section 21 notices.

According to a partnership between Tenants Voice and runrug, an independently-run carpet, rug and stair runner retailer, there is evidence that this guidance is not being adhered to.

NRLA welcomes clarity on repossession notices

A landlord or agent must protect the deposit within 30 days of payment and give the tenant all the “prescribed information” about their deposit.

If it is not protected or the information is not provided then a penalty of up to three times the deposit amount is payable.

If a landlord has rented the property out without a license and it was required, then a rent repayment order can be pursued to claim up to 12 months rent back.

Tenants Voice and runrug detailed that the top 10 ways to insure a tenant receives their deposit back included conducting a quick paint job, replacing light blubs, replacing missing keys and leaving the property in a clean condition.