Foundation Home Loans has unveiled a new set of limited edition, limited company buy-to-let products with reduced product fees.

The limited edition range contains both 2 and 5-year fixed rate options for those landlords purchasing or remortgaging through a limited company vehicle.

The products are part of Foundation’s F1 range for borrowers who just miss out on mainstream credit scores.


Zephyr cuts rates and adds product fee

The limited edition products are a 2-year 65% LTV at 3.09% and 75% LTV at 3.24%, both come with a reduced product fee of 1%.

Also in the range is a 5-year large loan 65% LTV at 3.19% with a reduced product fee of 2%, and a 5-year 65% LTV at 3.34% and 75%% LTV at 3.44% both coming with a reduced product fee of 1.5%.

The products are available with a maximum loan amount of £1.5m at 65% LTV and £1m at 75% LTV, with the large loan product at £2m.

There is no limit to the borrower’s background portfolio size, subject to a maximum of £3m with Foundation.

George Gee, commercial director at Foundation Home Loans, said: “These limited edition products, purely for those seeking finance via limited companies, now come with a reduced product fee which should make them more desirable for advisers and their landlord clients.

“The Foundation criteria remains exactly the same as we seek to support all those landlords either looking to add to portfolios or seeking refinancing.”