Foundation Home Loans has reduced product rates across a series of specialist buy-to-let and residential offerings.

Within its BTL range, the lender has reduced rates as well as introduced a number of new products.

Notable introductions include 2 and 5-year ‘remortgage specials’ that come with a 1% fee starting at 3.34% up to 65% LTV.

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These products offer one free standard valuation per case, £250 cashback on completion and no application fee.

In its residential product range, the lender has added first-time buyer products at 75% LTV.

First time buyers with near-mainstream credit can now access rates 2-year fixed rate products at 3.49%, and 5-year fixes at 3.89%.

Meanwhile, FTBs with recent credit blips can access rates 2-year fixed rate deals at 3.79%, and 5-year fixes at 4.19%.

Furthermore, Foundation has made a number of pricing reductions across its full residential range from 0.10% to 0.20%.

In addition, the lender has introduced a rolling end-date for all new business products across both BTL and residential ranges.

George Gee, commercial director at Foundation Home Loans, said: “For landlords our focus is on reducing upfront costs so we have both fee-assisted and flat-fee products with highly competitive rates.

“We’re acutely aware that landlords are looking at ways to refinance their portfolios in order to purchase more, plus there is a greater likelihood of residential borrowers having more complex income needs and circumstances, particularly after their experience throughout 2020.

“We want to expand the options available for these types of borrowers and believe our updated range offers a greater variety of choice for advisers active in these particular product spaces.”