Nivo has partnered with Mortgage Advice Bureau (MAB) to launch a mobile instant messaging and document gathering service across its distribution of over 1500 advisers.

Having seen positive results and particularly high customer satisfaction scores using Nivo during the final quarter of 2020, MAB invested in fully integrating Nivo with their MIDAS mortgage broking system.

The new service lets customers share information, and evidence documents.

MAB appoints two directors

All customer information and documents are then stored against the customer’s record on MIDAS with no re-key required.

Working closely with the Nivo team, MAB developed the integration as a bespoke, cloud-based, microservice that not only integrates Nivo with the MAB MIDAS system, but also supports advisers in meeting their compliance obligations.

Nivo are also working with MAB on further enhancements such as e-signatures and ability to verify identities in seconds through a mobile experience built on secure instant messaging.

Mat Elliott, chief development officer at Nivo, said: “We’re very proud of the range of five-star reviews and speed, efficiency and security benefits that our technology has delivered to date, so it’s exciting to be partnering with MAB on getting our service in to the hands of tens of thousands of new applicants each month on the back of this rollout.

“We see this as just the start, and with Nivo’s technology and innovation strengths, combined with MAB’s brand reputation, knowledge and market position we believe there is an amazing opportunity for us to transform the MAB mortgage experience.”

Ben Thompson (pictured), deputy chief executive at Mortgage Advice Bureau, added: “We’re really pleased to be working closely with Nivo.

“By integrating Nivo with our MIDAS technology, this allows our advisers and customers the opportunity to share documentation in a secure and efficient way.

“This is particularly key in the current COVID-19 pandemic and shows how we continue to adapt to change and provide new ways for customers to receive advice and transact as part of our wider digital customer journey.”