“An online program is perfect because we can offer it to many different people who might not necessarily have the time to sit down for a phone call, and they can do it on their own time. And then when they come to us, they have a better understanding of what we can offer them.

“I need to be aware of the level of knowledge of the person I’m talking to. Are they new? Have they done something similar before? So if it’s someone extremely experienced, I don’t really need to explain industry terms – but for someone who’s just started out or doesn’t have any previous industry knowledge, I might need to spend more time on that. Everyone’s different. And you just need to be especially aware of that.”

While the online courses are currently only available to brokers, investor courses are “not off the table”. Taking a more measured approach to rolling out new content, Nikulina adds, allows RCN to “provide more meaningful content as opposed to trying to do everything all at once.”

And while Amplify is a relatively new endeavour, both Nikulina’s and RCN’s passion for client education is already well established.

“I think you really do have to try new things and grow and see where your talents lie,” she reflected. “I think education and providing it has been in the back of everyone’s minds. We’re being proactive about it and saying: hey, we’re developing this educational content and it’s available here for you, come and get it!”