Second charge specialist lender Equifinance has made a full return to the second charge market, having withdrawn from the sector at the end of March.

After a successful pilot scheme to test systems and bring back key staff for a limited service, the company is now ready to market to its full intermediary base.

Equifinance wanted to ensure that its systems were properly tested and and personnel were ready before committing to open its distribution to a wider number of partners.

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Equifinance goes live on Phoebus Servicing Product

Tony Marshall (pictured), managing director of Equifinance, said: “It is good to be back lending and with the ongoing affordability concerns of many first charge lenders, there is no doubt in my mind that more customers and their advisers are going to find themselves looking to specialist lending avenues as ‘high street’ choices tighten their lending criteria, regardless of a potential borrower’s story.

“Second charge lending has much to offer those who are looking to raise capital but are finding the remortgage route impassable.

“Our ability to look at every case on its individual merits, taking into account each customer’s particular circumstances, makes our proposition very attractive to advisers with complicated case backgrounds.”

He added: “Equifinance is in a strong position with reliable funding lines in place and a real appetite to lend.

“We will be working hard to remind advisers that capital raising does not have to end with a negative outcome.

“Second charge lenders like Equifinance are ready to provide borrowers with the funding they need because while we work to criteria, we underwrite the person and their circumstances and take the time to assess individuals and their needs.”