Dynamo for Intermediaries has added Buckinghamshire Building Society to its lender panel. 

As part of the agreement, members of the Dynamo for Intermediaries will have access to the lender’s range of offerings.

Buckinghamshire Building Society’s product range includes Joint Borrower Sole Proprietor with no maximum age and up to 40-year term, and a Reverse Joint Borrower Sole Proprietor (Bank of Son and Daughter), which allows children to help out their parents.

MCI appoints Buckinghamshire Building Society

While access to the higher LTV market is currently limited, Buckinghamshire Building Society’s Family Assist products allow borrowers to borrow up to 100% of the purchase price.

Other supportive products include 90% LTV mortgages for locals and members of the society, as well as a 90% LTV offering for NHS and emergency workers.

Tim Vigeon, head of lending at Buckinghamshire Building Society, said: “This is a great time to be joining Dynamo for Intermediaries, and we look forward to working with their members.

“Our mortgage proposition includes innovative products the current market really needs, such as family assist and reverse joint borrower sole proprietor, and we feel our flexible approach to lending using our bespoke human underwriting method, will provide relevant and interesting options for Dynamo’s members.”

Ying Tan, founder and chief executive of Dynamo, added: “Buckinghamshire Building Society has a particularly interesting and innovative proposition that caters for a wide range of customer circumstances. In today’s climate more than ever.

“I know that Buckinghamshire’s flexible approach and bespoke underwriting will be greatly appreciated by our members.”