Dudley Building Society, which relaunched its self-build product range in September, is targeting Right to Build Day (30 October) to draw adviser attention to the importance of the self-build sector. 

The building society has highlighted the sector as a growing source of new business and the difficulties that still exist for potential self-builders.

Right to Build Day was established in 2019 to highlight how successful local authorities have been in granting planning permission for those who have applied following registration to the Right to Build Register.

Dudley increases max LTV to 80%

It was reported in September 2019 that more than half of all local planning authorities had, or were planning to adopt, local plan policies to support custom and self-build housing delivery.

Whilst this is a positive intervention in the market, realisation of meeting any policy requirements will be dependent on there being sufficient serviced plots available to meet the required demand.

According to the lender, the self-build market is growing and advisers have a great opportunity to establish themselves, but issues still exist for self-builders.

Sam Ward, commercial director at Dudley Building Society, said: “Whilst self-build is not new, it has taken government action to incentivise local authorities to acknowledge and log genuine interest from the public and also to have set aside plots of land to match the aspirations of self-builders.

“We lag a long way behind our European counterpart in respect of new property that is self-built – only 8% of new housing stock in the UK, while the Netherlands claims 30% and Austria up to 80%.”

Self-build numbers are rising but Right to Build Day this year will show us whether local authorities have managed to meet their obligations for those who registered interest since last year.

Ward added: “As a building society, Dudley started out as an institution dedicated to providing finance for people wishing to build their own homes.

“In 2020, our latest range of self-build products reinforces our support for the current generation wishing to do the same.

“Advisers have a great opportunity to build a new client bank looking for advice for this type of funding and Dudley is here to provide the means.”