David Smith is chief innovation officer at UInsure

Today (Tuesday 3rd November) is the US general election day. Voters cast their vote to retain Trump or replace with Biden as resident of The White House. Whatever the result, it’s a renewal of the tenancy agreement at The White House, which means that the existing tenant will either extend his stay for 4 more years, or a new tenant will move in.

The White House isn’t your standard property estimated to be worth around $400,000,000 and if you could rent it (you can’t by the way), it would set you back around $2,000,000 per month. It’s a residential property with six levels, 132 rooms, 35 bathrooms, 412 doors, and 28 fireplaces along with a gym, bowling alley, cinema and games room.

Home insurance market share is yours, if you want it

In addition, construction was started way back in 1792 and the 16 bedrooms make it something of a colossal Non-Standard dwelling. This is not your average residential property, not your average landlord and not your average tenant. Home insurance doesn’t get any more non-standard than The White House.

It takes about 4 years to go through the process if you want to change the incumbent occupant for this $1,900,000 annual premium property. It’s like a renewal process that takes 257,000,000 people to fill in the paperwork over 4 years, but at least the question set is pretty slim, Trump or Biden. Similar to the question set of the election, Uinsure also try to ask simple questions, meaning you can perform a Non-Standard Home Insurance quote on our platform in about 30 seconds, all online and no paperwork. Perhaps even the incoming President could find the time to do a quote?

Non-standard home insurance is as easy as pie, American Pie, which is exactly what I will be tucking into as I watch the drama unfold tonight. If you have a client or friend who finds themselves with a non-standard property or a new tenant moving in, then let Uinsure remove all the fuss with our online landlords, tenants and non-standard insurance.