“Middle managers don’t believe their bosses are supporting them enough,” said Susan Tohyama, chief human resources officer at Ceridian.

“They’re not getting help with their career growth or aid in navigating this new world of work. In fact, only half of those we asked say they’re getting any learning and development opportunities.”

Missed opportunity

It’s this missed L&D that will inevitably cost Canadian employers: more than eight in 10 middle managers say that having a clearly defined career path makes them stay with an employer longer, with 57% appreciating the opportunity to upskill, according to one survey.

For one employer, CCDI Consulting, it had been trying unsuccessfully to find additional senior people to join their inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility (IDEA) firm. As a result, they decided to focus on growing people from within.

“We made a conscious effort to do knowledge transfer of some of our senior people, as well as opening up recruitment internally first,” said COO Zakeana Reid.