DataVerify Flood Services has integrated into the Ellie Mae digital Lending platform to automate its flood zone determination services.

In a statement, DataVerify said that the integration with Ellie Mae “paves the way towards eliminating the traditional push-button manual process to order a flood zone determination during the loan origination process.”

This means that lenders can set rules in place to automatically trigger an order for a flood zone determination at any time during the lending process.

“The automation of DataVerify Flood Services that leverage our advanced set of APIs into our new platform is a critical step forward in providing lenders with a truly digital mortgage lending experience,” said Bob Hart, vice president of partner development at Ellie Mae. “Our platform is designed to empower lenders to automate certain processes or choose when orders are submitted, as this is a new norm that they should expect from their LOS. Providing automated flood zone determinations is just one more piece of automation that we can now offer our customers as we continue to offer the automation functionality in additional partner service categories.”

“Our focus at DataVerify Flood Services has always been providing lenders with the right tools to help them automate their workflow while at the same time retaining our proven ability to mitigate risk,” said DataVerify President Brad Bogel. “We are proud that Ellie Mae has chosen us as the first flood zone determination company to be integrated into their new platform to provide lenders with a truly automated service experience.”