NewRez and Salesforce, a CRM software provider, have announced a partnership that mutually benefits the companies’ mortgage platforms and customers.

The mortgage lender announced deploying the Salesforce Financial Services Cloud and Customer 360 to connect its loan origination, servicing, and marketing initiatives, as well as enhance customer experience.

As part of the partnership, NewRez will also collaborate with Salesforce to design, innovate, and further improve its digital mortgage and lending platform.

“NewRez is fully committed to providing our borrowers and homeowners with quality products and services,” NewRez President Baron Silverstein said. “We are excited to leverage Salesforce’s knowledge and partner with Salesforce to connect the whole NewRez platform and deliver a tailored and personalized experience for every NewRez customer.”

“We are proud to power NewRez’s digital transformation as the company evolves how it engages with homeowners and borrowers throughout the lending process,” said Rob Seaman, senior vice president of product management at Salesforce. “Last October, we launched our Mortgage Innovation for Financial Services Cloud, expanding our commitment to the industry. NewRez’s expertise and feedback will be critical to helping us develop new capabilities for Financial Services Cloud and accelerate lending innovation we deliver to customers.”