Coreco has launched Coreco Network, which is aimed at brokers looking to set up their own business under the Coreco brand.

Moreover, the network offers access to Coreco’s client retention team, commercial finance team and protection specialists.

In addition, there is also a retirement scheme, where Coreco can continue to service a broker’s client bank and pay a commission to ensure there is still additional income coming in.

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Furthermore, through support from Mortgage Advice Bureau and L&G Mortgage Club, Coreco outlined that the network would provide a broker with access to the latest technology, compliance support, the best products, and new lenders.

Andrew Montlake, managing director of Coreco said, “This is something we have been working on for a long time now, and whilst we could have launched this a year ago, we wanted to ensure that when we did, the timing was absolutely right.

“Given the change in peoples mind-set and working patterns during the last few months, we believe we will see many more brokers, or teams of brokers, looking to do their own thing in the near future.

“We also know how hard it can be to set up a business from scratch and we wanted to do what we could to assist people with a recognised brand and support available every step of the way.

“The concept itself is nothing new and there are already some great options out there for brokers, but we strongly believe that our offering will appeal to many who want to be part of something that little bit different, part of a real Coreco family.

“We see Coreco as a national brand now, and as such this is a great way to spread our ethos and attract others to share our DNA and client centric approach, even if it is just being part of a hub where knowledge between like-minded people is shared.”