Collective Mortgage Network has launched, offering advisers a network solution for traditional mortgage advice and protection business, as well as supporting bridging and development finance advice.

Collective Mortgage Network is part of UK Financial Consultancy Services Ltd (UKFCS), which has been directly authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) since 2006; it has built its business through a combination of traditional mortgage advice and specialist bridging and development finance business.

Danny Carter, founder and MD of Collective Mortgage Network, has launched the network to help support advisers wanting to operate across the entire property finance spectrum and not be constrained to just providing traditional mortgage advice.


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Carter said: “Most networks only support their advisors with traditional mortgage advice due to the specialist nature of bridging and development finance and the increased compliance implications this brings, especially around PI insurance.

“We have been operating in this space since 2006 and are in a position where we can help other advisors work across the whole property finance market which we believe makes us a unique proposition for advisers.”

Paul Dukes, head of business development for Collective Mortgage Network, recently left Barclays after over 30 years of service in both retail and commercial banking.

Dukes said: “When I left Barclays I was looking for a new challenge and knew Danny had been having great success with his model of combining traditional mortgage advice with specialist commercial finance.

“When Danny shared his vision for Collective with me, I felt that supporting other advisers who want to offer more than just mortgage advice and expand into the commercial finance space is an exciting proposition for all concerned.”

Carter added: “For many advisers, they have their own clients who need specialist commercial finance but existing networks don’t typically allow you to do it. Others may want to learn more about commercial finance and start to offer it as a product.

“The impact for advisers is significant as they can earn up to 1.5% commissions on specialist loans with Collective because of the preferred panel status we have with many of the lenders.”