has revealed the most discussed broker complaints about clients, based on engagement with the online broker forum.

One of the biggest irritations amongst brokers is working with clients who appear to struggle or unwilling to supply required documents; clients were said to have asked whether all the requested documents are really necessary, pointing out that their bank statements are personal.

According to the frequency of subjects recently appearing in the forum, the biggest complaints about clients appear to be: who are unaffected by COVID-19 but are taking grants and loans; those failing to disclose defaults and county court judgments (CCJs); those expecting mortgage offers within days of application; those sending photographs of documents; those playing brokers off against each other.

mortgage search uptick

cherry: Brokers see increase in BTL purchase business

Donna Hopton, director at cherry, said: “The cherry forum provides brokers with the opportunity to discuss the latest trends and developments in the market, and sometimes this includes talking about irritations they have working with difficult clients.

“But the forum is more than just a place for brokers to rant – by engaging with their peers, they can share a problem and learn new ways of dealing with it from others who have had similar experiences.

“It’s the power of this community that keep brokers coming back and the result is that we have already passed one million page views on the forum so far this year.”

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