Customers of Cherry Creek Mortgage (CCM) can now purchase home insurance through its online “Borrower Portal,” thanks to the lender’s recently announced integration partnership with Covered Insurance Solutions.

With the partnership, CCM’s homeowner and homebuyer customers can use the lender’s proprietary online portal to access Covered’s digital insurance marketplace, allowing them to shop and compare prices from over 25 national and regional carriers. Customers can receive quotes, review coverage, bundle policies, and complete transactions that support their new purchase or refinance applications.

“It all began when Cherry Creek Mortgage expressed an interest in helping customers shop insurance during the mortgage process,” said Ross Diedrich, co-founder and CEO of Covered Insurance Solutions. “We offered a solution to expedite and simplify insurance shopping digitally. CCM recognizes the importance of long-term customer relationships. Covered’s ability to create additional value while removing another obstacle to closing helps enrich their customer connections and retention.”

“Shopping for insurance can be difficult and time-consuming,” said Jeff May, president and chief execution officer at CCM. “We’re making the home buying process easier for our customers by removing that obstacle for them.”